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Osoblyva Dytyna: Navchannia i Vykhovannia


Exceptional child: teaching and upbringing 

ISSN 2312-2781  

Frequency: four times a year (March, June, September, December).

 Founded in 1995.

 Between 1996 and 2012 it was published under the title ‘Defektolohiia; in 2013 as ‘Defektolohiia. Osoblyva dytyna: navchannia i vykhovannia; and since 2014 as ‘Exceptional Child: teaching and upbringing’




Tim Loreman


Associate Vice President Academic, Dean of Research and Faculty Development, Professor in the Faculty of Education at Concordia.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Loreman is Dean of Research and Faculty Development at Concordia and a Professor in the Faculty of Education. He has taught in a variety of classroom settings in Australia and Canada and worked in the Faculty of Education at Monash University in Melbourne before joining Concordia in 2003.  His active research interests include inclusive education and pedagogy, and he has conducted research and presented at major conferences throughout the world, including in Australia, Hong Kong, the United States, Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, Canada, Spain, and Ukraine. In 2010 he was Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bologna in Italy and in 2013 was Visiting Research Professor at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has held a number of major Canadian research grants and recently completed a large cross-institutional and cross-national CIDA project aimed at reform of the education system in Ukraine in order to better support inclusive education. His current international work is with school systems in Pacific island nations. Dr. Loreman was founding editor of the International Journal of Whole Schooling and is currently editor of Exceptionality Education Canada.






Selected books

Forlin, C., & Loreman, T. (eds.). (2014). Measuring inclusive education: Bingley, UK: Emerald.

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Loreman, T. (2009). Respecting childhood. London: Continuum.

Selected book chapters

Loreman, T. (2014). Teacher education, professional development, and student diversity. In J. Andrews & J. Lupart (Eds.), Understanding and addressing diversity in Canadian schools. Toronto, Canada: Nelson. pp. 187-215.

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Selected peer-reviewed articles

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Selected non peer-reviewed articles

Loreman, T. (2012, May 28). Book review. [Review of the book The irregular school: Exclusion, schooling, and inclusive education by R. Slee].Canadian Journal of Education.

Loreman, T. (2009). Straight talk about inclusive education. CASS Connections, Spring.












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